Evil's Enemy: The Coven
A Novel of Horror and Suspense by G. D. Garman

Robert Coleman is a boy with a psychic gift who meets the girl of his dreams and falls in love for the first time. When the two of them try to help out a friend they become the target of a satanic cult who wants them silenced for what they have discovered. This leads them into battle after battle with evil forces that seek to kill them, but when someone close to Robert is murdered he calls upon his gift and uses it to levels he never dreamt; becoming something powerful enough to fight the coven that controls the entire town. To win, he must defeat the demonic forces behind it all wielding powers beyond his comprehension because what is at stake is his very soul.

This captivating six novel story - written by first time author G.D. Garman - culminates into a final battle between good and evil in the likes of which you've never read before!

Book I: The Coven
Book II: The Abduction
Book III: The Child
Book IV: The Trap
Book V: The Sword of Heaven
Book VI: The Death of Evil


Click Here to download the prologue in an illustrated PDF format (407k).

Evil's Enemy: The Coven
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Cover design and chapter illustrations by RAF
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Author's Bio

G. D. Garman is a retired nurse of 30 years, residing in Florida and enjoying his retirement with his wife, three kids and two dogs. Although a first-time novelist, he has written several short stories which have been showcased in local print publications as well as featured in online e-zines.

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